Be a Mentor

What We Do 

GMI prepares underrepresented college students, refugees, and early career candidates around the world for success in their job search by providing them with the tools and guidance needed to be successful. This is accomplished through a structured, short-term, online, one to one mentorship with a business professional.

GMI mentorship guides students to:

  • Establish a professional business network using LinkedIn
  • Develop soft skills to excel in business
  • Improve communication skills for a global business environment
  • Create a career plan and set measurable goals
  • Build a resume/CV that gets noticed by job recruiters
  • Leverage templates and guides for conducting a job search
  • Master the job interview process with confidence
  • Distinguish themselves in their first job
How Mentors Are Unlocking Grants for GMI

How Mentors Are Unlocking Grants for GMI

We’re always thrilled to share inspiring stories of our mentors and their incredible contributions to the growth and success of GMI students and our mentorship program. If you’ve been following GMI, you know about our incredible growth. What may be a surprise is...