Corporate Partnership

Let’s build a more equitable and inclusive workforce

Together with our corporate partners, we are cultivating a global network that reflects our world. Partnering with GMI offers ample opportunities to mentor promising young professionals and hire talented graduates from our diverse talent pool. Our partners are not only creating pathways to prosperity in communities across the globe but also building a truly inclusive workforce of tomorrow.

Companies partner with GMI to:


the next generation


cultural competency


staff a global way to give back


with diverse talent






Become a Corporate Partner

Corporate partners are the foundation of our program, providing mentors, hiring students, and supporting the program financially to ensure it remains free for students and universities. Through flexible partnerships, organizations can nurture future leaders and empower their teams for impactful change.

GMI Partner Impact at a Glance:

Partner Companies

Hours Volunteered

Partner Mentors

GMI is proud to have a mentor network spanning 127 countries, with mentors from over 100 major international organizations. Partnering with GMI offers organizations a fulfilling and flexible avenue to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and to meet their Environmental & Social Governance (ESG) goals. 

GMI’s Program Graduates

Our program graduates are making a difference in their communities and are thriving at international companies, including:




among others…

Students who successfully complete the GMI Mentorship Program prove not only their competence and commitment to securing employment but also demonstrate their readiness to operate in a modern, globalized business environment.

We are facilitating access to a diversified hiring pipeline, allowing program graduates and partners the opportunity to access our Employment Connections Program. This program aims to connect GMI’s driven, well-trained Program Graduates with hiring and training oppurtunities at our partner organizations.



Technical Support Engineer – USA

GMI Program Graduate 2022



Leadership Fellow at Hansen Leadership Insitute – UK

GMI Program Graduate 2020



SEO Expert – Nicaragua

GMI Program Graduate 2021



Green Energy Project Manager – Benin

GMI Program Graduate 2024

Project Beacon_Microsoft

Microsoft logo

Project Beacon connects students with Microsoft engineers for mentorships to enhances mentors’ leadership skills and helps identify future talent for Microsoft

LatinX ERG_Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes’s LatinX Employee Resource Group is helping GMI expand our impact in Latin American communities.

ADC WINS_Microsoft

Microsoft’s Nairobi Africa Development Center has partnered with GMI to foster career development for emerging female tech talent across Kenya.

ACE ERG_Expedia

Expedia’s Asian Community at Expedia (ACE) ERG and GMI are working together to make an impact in asian communities across the globe.

ERGs & Focused Mentoring

Making a targeted impact on young professionals from distinct communities and backgrounds has never been easier. GMI works with groups across our partner network to connect their members with students who can benefit the most from their unique set of skills and experiences.

Whether it be your Employee Resource Group (ERG), organization, or team, there are motivated students ready to learn from you and your colleagues.

Explore the gallery on the left to learn which GMI partners are already leveraging our targeted mentorships and contact us today to learn more about how GMI can help your group reach its impact goals.

Impact Sourcing

We believe that sustainable solutions benefit everyone. GMI is strongly rooted in Impact Sourcing, driven by the vision and experience of its founder and CEO, Jon Browning.

Jon led global sourcing strategy for Microsoft and co-founded the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Buyers Forum representing over 500,000 workers.

He drove corporate engagement for the Rockefeller Foundation’s Digital Jobs Africa Initiative and co-founded the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition, where he co-authored the Impact Sourcing guidelines still used by many of our partners.

In 2017, Jon co-founded and still leads the Global Impact Sourcing Awards in partnership with IAOP. GMI is a strategic nonprofit partner of IAOP, and the Impact Sourcing Alliance and we are proud to support our partners in hiring bright, hardworking GMI program graduates in 100 countries.

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Partnership Success Team:

Ravenna Hennane – New Partner Inquiries

Max Springer – Current Partner Inquiries

Investing in the Next Generation

  • GMI Students report 2x confidence increase
  • 74% employed within 6 months
  • 93% hired within home country
  • 56% hired in public sector

Employee Engagement

  • Remote, Accessible and Flexible
  • Open to all employee roles and regions
  • 98% of mentors “very satisfied” 
  • 2/3 choose to reengage for multiple mentorships

Diversifying Hiring Pipelines

  • GMI Students in 100 countries
  • Predominantly STEM and business majors
  • 60% women & nonbinary
  • 18% hired in F500 companies

Professional Development

  • 92% of mentors report increased confidence in management roles
  • 76% report improved cross-cultural communication skills
  • 76% report a positive impact on their current role