Together we can connect students to careers through mentorship.

We’re building an ecosystem to empower a generation of students around the world through partnerships with companies and educational institutions. Join us!

Our partners are at the forefront of innovation

Partnership means more than just bullet points on a CSR report. It’s about how your employees will feel to make a difference for a young graduate or a refugee who has few job prospects. Mentoring with us aligns with your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Recruitment goals.

Sustainable Development Goals

It’s more than volunteering

  • Mentors build cultural competency and empathy
  • Mentors report higher job satisfaction levels
  • Mentorship allows employees to take stock of their own strengths and accomplishments while gaining hands on coaching experience
  • Recruiting our students diversifies talent and recruitment pipelines
  • Our program supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals


Microsoft employees are GMI’s largest source of mentors and matching funds: supporting over 600 mentorships.



GMI was awarded an unrestricted 3Mgives grant to support scale in 2023. 3M also supports GMI’s mission through mentors & matching funds.

LinkedIn logo


GMI joined LinkedIn as a global signature nonprofit in 2023. In addition to a grant to support scale in 2024, LinkedIn also support’s GMI’s


Providence has built GMI into their global engagement strategy and is sponsoring 100 mentorships.


GMI was awarded a multi-year grant from Think Human Foundation, Webhelp’s philanthropic arm, to support 380+ students across West Africa.

Worley Group

Worley Group

GMI was awarded a multi-year grant from Worley Group Foundation to support students across Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

First Advantage

First Advantage has built GMI into their 2023 global engagement strategy and is sponsoring 100 mentorships.



ibex has built GMI into their 2022 global ESG and has committed to providing mentors and sponsoring 60 students in completing the program.



Xplor has built GMI into their four-year “Leave a Lasting Impact” strategy and sponsored 60 students in 2022.



In 2022, Genpact selected GMI as one of their GROW charities and built our program into their global CSR strategy.



Clarivate was one of GMI’s 1st partners, sponsoring 100 students in 2021 & providing 100+ mentors. The second largest provider of mentors.



IAOP actively encourages its 150+ corporate members to become mentors and commit to hiring GMI graduates.

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Mentors from 100+ Companies in 127 Countries for a Truly Global Experience

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Become a corporate partner

Corporate partners are the backbone of this program: providing mentors, hiring students, and supporting the program so that it can remain free for students and universities. There are many ways to partner, contact us so that we can discuss how to amplify our missions together.

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Contact us to find out how to make mentorship available to your colleagues or simply apply to become a mentor.

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Nadia, University Partner and GMI mentor
“GMI’s curriculum and the program in general is flexible enough that it can meet the needs of most universities.”

Nadia, University Partner and GMI mentor

“I think GMI is really trying to transform the opportunities for students around the world in a very unique and personal way.”

Marilyn, Corporate Partner and GMI mentor

Marilyn, Corporate Partner and GMI mentor

University and Youth Partners
Connecting Students in 90+ Countries

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With your help, we can change the path for thousands of students.

By empowering diverse students to become tomorrow’s decision-makers, we are building a more inclusive, creative, and fair world for all of us. Our mentorship program offers college and university career centers a scalable solution many wish they could offer but are unfortunately are not designed to deliver. Thanks to the support of our corporate partners, our program is entirely free for students and universities.

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