We’re always thrilled to share inspiring stories of our mentors and their incredible contributions to the growth and success of GMI students and our mentorship program.

If you’ve been following GMI, you know about our incredible growth. What may be a surprise is how small the GMI team is: 4 full-time staff and 4 part-time program administrators. How has such a small team scaled the GMI mentorship program so quickly? Our 3,500 mentors aren’t “just” mentors. They’re connectors, recruiters, donors, and advocates for GMI.

Avin Panchorie

Avin Panchorie in New Zealand is a great example. Avin has been a GMI mentor since May 2021. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, we connected him with a student in Jamaica. Last December, he forwarded us a message from his company, Worley. They were inviting their employees around the world to nominate community service projects, and Avin wanted to apply on our behalf. Three months later, GMI was awarded a grant to sponsor 100 mentorships a partnership to encourage 50K+ Worley employees to become GMI mentors. 

GMI mentors come from companies in 127 countries around the world. Most of these organizations have social impact and CSR programs and want to see their employees take the lead. Every day they publish grant opportunities and invitations to present to colleagues. The next time you see one of these opportunities pass through your inbox, please let us know!

Avin titled his project proposal “On the Shoulders of Giants.” For Avin, a GMI mentorship helps close the opportunity gap for young graduates, and it helps mentors realize their full potential. When GMI was awarded a Worley Group grant, Avin was as excited as we were! 

We invite all our mentors to take a page from Avin’s book and actively seek out opportunities to expand GMI’s program reach. If you come across potential funding sources, grant opportunities, or ways to recruit new mentors, please share them with us. Together, we can make an even greater impact!

In addition to Avin’s remarkable story, we’ll be featuring more mentor success stories in our upcoming blogs and newsletters. This demonstrates the diverse ways mentors can create opportunities and bring more mentors, funding, and opportunities for our students.

We want to express our deepest gratitude for your continuous support and dedication. It’s through your efforts that GMI has achieved such incredible growth and impact.  

Stay engaged, keep sharing, and let’s continue transforming lives together!