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to help students and refugees find their first job.

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Connecting professionals with future leaders around the world to create an ecosystem of opportunity.

“Mentoring with GMI not only develops the future workforce and unlocks opportunity, it also engages and fulfills our employees in truly meaningful ways. GMI makes partnering easy and the impact is felt by everyone involved!”

–Justin Thenutai, Microsoft

We have a vision.

Every college student, refugee, and early career candidates deserves a champion. One person to guide them as they navigate the transition to their first career. Through a structured, online, one-to-one mentorship with a business professional, we are connecting mentees to employment, transforming communities, and building a brighter tomorrow.

Bridging the gap between graduation and employment

Students everywhere struggle to land their first meaningful job. Our program begins where many educational support programs end: the transition window between college to career. Together, we are opening doors for the next generation of young professionals to succeed.

point increase in student career confidence & skills after GMI mentorship


of mentored students employed within six months of graduating


of graduates say the GMI program was very important in helping them get hired

Why GMI?

  • Our entirely remote platform connects students with business professionals for a truly global experience.
  • Our proven, evidence-based curriculum provides practical activities to build confidence and skills needed to succeed.
  • Our ready-to-use program can be integrated into existing educational platforms or corporate volunteering programs with minimal effort.

About GMI Mentees

Today’s global job market is particularly complicated and competitive, especially for youth without access to the connections needed to build their professional network. We work with university and youth partners to provide this extra support to high potential mentees who need it most.

  • 75% international / 25% US-based
  • 60% women
  • 63% of US mentees are People of Color
  • 13% of non-US mentees are refugees or displaced persons
  • First-generation college students
  • Recipients of need-based financial aid
GMI Students by Region

Hiring Program Graduates

GMI’s mentoring program connects mentees to jobs worldwide.

We support our partners in diversifying their hiring pipelines through hiring qualified GMI program graduates.

Candid - Platinum Transparency 2023

We build connections so that you can make the change.

Through providing pathways to financial stability for college students, refugees, and early career candidates, GMI is helping to build equity in the workplace and provide access for diverse voices to become tomorrow’s decision makers. We are offering a measurable, scalable, and innovative solution to make tomorrow’s world a brighter and kinder place for everyone. We need corporate partners like you to support our mentees. Contact us today to find out how.