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Mentor Requirements Mentor candidates should be at least 25 years old and/or have 3+ years of professional experience in their chosen field.

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Our Mission

GMI bridges the gap between graduation and first career jobs for underrepresented young professionals from diverse communities. Through leveraging digital resources, mentorship, AI, and human connection, we are building a more equitable workforce of tomorrow’s leaders.

Students everywhere struggle to land their first meaningful job. Our program begins where many educational support programs end: the transition window between college to career. Together, we are opening doors for the next generation of young professionals to succeed.

GMI founder Jon Browning with first GMI student cohort

– South Africa, 2019

Jon & Kids

Yvonne, United States

“Working with my mentor on resumes and interview skills has really made me feel ready to embrace all the options the workforce has to offer. This program has given me invaluable skills that will last a lifetime.”

Moatasem, Lebanon

“If I had to use one word to describe my GMI experience it would be growth. My mentor was the best mentor one could ever have. He was beyond patient and would remind me that can do this, this is.”

Alnarjes, Syria

“I obtained a job within the first weeks of participating in the GMI program. Because of the mentorship experience, I was able to ace the interview!”

Jean de Dieu, Rwanda

“I am very grateful to my mentor – the skills that I learned from the program helped me to effectively search for and land a job. I was offered the position almost immediately after the interview!”

GMI Students: Unique in their Diversity, United by Ambition

Our students are a dynamic and diverse group, hailing from 100 countries with unique cultural backgrounds and educational experiences. United by a shared passion for personal and professional growth, they display remarkable motivation and ambition, striving to excel in their respective fields.

Our students embrace the opportunity to work with GMI mentors. Their willingness to adapt to various time zones, communication styles, and cultures allows them to thrive in today’s globalized environment.

GMI Mentors: The Backbone of Our Organization

Join GMI as a mentor and become a part of our diverse GMI community, comprising over 4500 professionals from 127 countries. Your participation will enrich lives and create a positive social impact.

With an easy onboarding process and a step-by-step mentor guide, GMI provides you with everything you need to be a great mentor. Simply add your own experience and boost your own professional growth. Volunteer with GMI and experience the fulfillment of transforming lives and advancing your own career.

Sumudu Tennakoon - APEX Analytix

“I am very grateful to my mentor – the skills that I learned from the program helped me to effectively search for and land a job. I was offered the position almost immediately after the interview!”

Sara Nagy - Microsoft

“It’s so important to enable the younger generation with tools and skills to more easily enter the workforce and learn from the experiences of others. GMI has a great method for this, a great structure for mentoring that makes it easy.”

Michelle Bozeman - Amazon

“Seeing a mentee gain confidence, build their network and grow is the most rewarding experience I could imagine. It’s for that reason, that I’ll always devote time for GMI mentorships.”

Alicen Holmes - Cisco

“I wanted to give my time to help those who could learn from my experience. GMI was exactly what I was looking for.”


Microsoft logo

Microsoft employees are GMI’s largest source of mentors and matching funds: supporting over 800 mentorships.


LinkedIn logo

LinkedIn welcomed GMI as a global signature nonprofit in 2023, providing mentors and sponsorship to support scale.


Foundever.org and Foundever have partnered with Orange, Orange Business, and GMI to grow the French language mentorship program in 2024 and beyond. 


Orange S.A. is our largest providers of francophone mentors. Through sponsorship and strategic partnerships, Orange has been key in growing our French-language mentorship program.

Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes white logo

The Baker Hughes Foundation, on behalf of the LatinX Employee Resource Group, provided a generous grant to scale the GMI program in Latin America in 2024.


Arrow logo

Partnering with GMI supports Arrow Technology’s commitment to supporting “STEM for Growth” and “Tech for Good.”


In 2023, GMI was awarded a multi-year grant by Worley Foundation to support students in New Zealand and beyond. 

First Advantage

First Advantage logo

A GMI Partner since 2022, Providence has built GMI into their A GMI Partner since 2022, GMI is First Advantage’s first global employee engagement opportunity.


Clarivate has been a GMI corporate partner since 2020 and is the third larger provider of GMI mentors. 


Xplor logo

A GMI Partner since 2021, Xplor has built GMI into their multiyear “Leave a Lasting Impact” Strategy.


3M logo

GMI was awarded an unrestricted 3Mgives grant to support scale in 2023. 3M also supports GMI’s mission through mentors & matching funds.


GMI was awarded a multi-year grant from Think Human Foundation, a founding partner in scaling the French language mentorship program.

Expedia Group

GMI is thrilled to have be chosen by Expedia Group for a year-end gift to amplify our impact in 2024. Expedia Group, a top APAC-mentor provider, will help us grow our partnership globally in 2024.


Providence logo

A GMI Partner since 2022, Providence has built GMI into their Global and Domestic Solidarity strategy.


Genpact logo

A GMI Partner since 2021, Genpact selected GMI has one of their GROW priority charities and built our program into their global CSR strategy.

Our Corporate Partners

Partnership with GMI goes beyond mere bullet points on a CSR report. It’s about empowering your employees to make a meaningful impact on the lives of young graduates and refugees with limited job prospects. By becoming mentors, your employees can actively contribute to your company’s Social Responsibility, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals, creating a positive ripple effect in the community.

Moreover, our mentorship program expands hiring pipelines, allowing your organizations to connect with talented individuals and potential future employees from diverse backgrounds. Join us in fostering positive change and building a stronger, more inclusive society together.

Our Youth Partners

GMI works with universities, nonprofits, and youth partners in 100+ countries, including 8 refugee camps. Our partners understand their local context and who is underrepresented within their communities. Armed with this local knowledge and on-the-ground experience, our partners nominate students who would most benefit from a GMI mentorship.

Our Mentorship Pathway

The GMI Mentorship program is defined by its structured and easy-to-follow curriculum. By ensuring that all students will receive the same content, we can guarantee measurable impact even as we scale. Whereas the success of traditional mentorships depend on the quality of the relationship between student and mentor, following the GMI program allows mentorship pairs to build affinity organically, and allows for true human connection that transcends difference.


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