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Connecting students to promising careers through mentorship

Connecting students to promising careers through



The Global Mentorship Initiative (GMI) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization created to help college students around the world find a path to a promising future through mentorship.

Our mentoring programs provide college students in high unemployment geographies with international role models to provide guidance, business skills, and job opportunities when they graduate.

We connect graduating students with business professionals who focus specifically on preparing them for their first job using a comprehensive mentoring program designed to teach students how to search for, obtain, and thrive in a professional job.

Why Mentoring is Important

Just having a college degree doesn’t mean a student is ready for a career job.

In Africa, 45% of university graduates are still jobless one year after graduating.

In South Africa, 85% of college graduates say they don’t feel their diploma has helped them find work and 33% of college graduates up to age 25 are still unemployed.

The Challenge for Youth in Developing Countries

While job opportunities are available in developing countries, sometimes it can take a college graduate several years to obtain a job aligned with their degree. Research has shown that while many graduates have the general skills required for their first job, they often need extra guidance and coaching on how to find a job that is right for them and the necessary professional skills to be a competitive candidate. Additional training is often required for college students who are applying with international companies.

Challenge in Developing Countries

A recent study on college graduates in the United States found that two-thirds of the participants reported struggling to start their career after college.

The Challenge for Youth in the United States

College students in areas of high unemployment are often overlooked for sustainable career opportunities. Many students graduate without the basic business skills needed to successfully search for and obtain a job and take control of their career path.


GMI matches college students in their final year of school with a business professional who works in the same industry the student is currently studying. This online mentorship program helps to fill the education gap that most graduating students experience and helps them enter the professional world the day they graduate.

Ready to get involved?

The GMI Mentorship Program includes:

  • Creating a career plan and setting measurable goals
  • Developing specific soft skills to excel in business
  • Effective communications when working in a global business environment
  • Creating a resume/CV that gets noticed
  • The value of professional networking and tools like LinkedIn
  • How to find the right job
  • Mastering the job interview process
  • How companies evaluate their employees
  • How to distinguish yourself on the job