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“I had the pleasure of working with my student over the past few months with the Global Mentorship Initiative. I've seen him progress and I have no doubt he'll continue to excel in everything he does as he enters the workforce.”

Courtney - GMI Mentor

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What We Do

GMI prepares underserved college students, refugees, and early career candidates around the world for success in their job search by providing them with the tools and guidance needed to be successful. This is accomplished through a structured, short-term, online, one to one mentorship with a business professional.

GMI mentorship guides students to:

  • Establish a professional business network using LinkedIn
  • Develop soft skills to excel in business
  • Improve communication skills for a global business environment
  • Create a career plan and set measurable goals
  • Build a resume/CV that gets noticed by job recruiters
  • Leverage templates and guides for conducting a job search
  • Master the job interview process with confidence
  • Distinguish themselves in their first job

74% of GMI students globally have a job within 6 months of graduating​

76% of GMI students globally had a job within 6 months of graduating

37-point avg increase in career confidence & skills after mentorship

37-point avg increase in career confidence & skills after mentorship

Youth Partners Nominate Our Students

GMI partners with universities and youth organizations around the world connecting students in over 90 countries. You can indicate preferences if you’d like to work with a student from a specific region or youth partner.

Help a Graduating Refugee Find Work

GMI has a special partnership with Southern New Hampshire University to provide mentors for students living in refugee camps across Africa and Lebanon. GMI helps prepare these students for jobs in the camps and the surrounding cities and this can be the first step to a better life for their families.

GMI Makes it Easy to be a Great Mentor

  • 12 one-hour sessions by video conference
  • No expectation to continue working with the mentee after the 12 sessions
  • GMI provides everything you need – step by step with the Mentor Resources Portal
  • Each session has a mentor guide and student materials to provide a consistent approach
  • Email templates to communicate with your student after each session, saving time
  • You don’t need to be an expert, just add your own personal experience!

Our Mentorship Pathway

The GMI Mentorship program is defined by its structured and easy-to-follow curriculum. By ensuring that all students will receive the same content, we can guarantee measurable impact even as we scale. Whereas the success of traditional mentorships depend on the quality of the relationship between student and mentor, following the GMI program allows mentorship pairs to build affinity organically, and allows for true human connection that transcends difference.

Ready to get started?

Mentor candidates should be at least 25 years old and/or have 3+ years of professional experience in their chosen field. Please submit only one application, if you have any edits, updates, or would like to mentor a new student please email Begin your application below!

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, we’re glad to meet to provide more details. We have standing open 30-minute Q&A meetings every week.

Or, get in touch via our contact form here.