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The Mentorship Program


GMI Mentorship Model- Student Mentees

Student Mentees

  • GMI partners with colleges and universities to identify students for the mentorship program.
  • Mentees are categorized by their degree or profession to be matched with mentors.
GMI Mentorship Model- Business Sponsor

Business Sponsors

  • GMI partners with companies to supply mentors who are experienced business professionals.
  • Sponsors partially fund the mentorship model.
GMI Mentorship Model- Mentors


  • Prospective mentors are screened and interviewed to ensure the best match with mentees.
  • Mentors receive training on the mentorship program curriculum.
GMI Mentorship Model- Mentoriship Model

Mentorship Model

  • Mentors guide their students through the mentorship program via remote teleconference.
  • 14 mentorship sessions occur at intervals agreed on by the mentor and student.
GMI Mentorship Model- Job Placement

Job Placement

  • Students are more competitive job candidates because of this training.
  • Students are interviewed by local companies for jobs.
  • Mentors may introduce students to job opportunities.


Our mentors follow a unique, 11-track program designed to ensure students receive a consistent mentoring experience. However, we encourage any type of discussion the mentees need in order to help them advance. Each track consists of a detailed guide, templates, and worksheets to supplement the student’s learning experience.

The GMI Mentorship Program includes:

  • Creating a career plan and setting measurable goals
  • Developing specific soft skills to excel in business
  • Effective communications when working in a global business environment
  • Creating a resume/CV using keywords that gets noticed
  • Establishing a professional business network using LinkedIn
  • How to find the right job
  • Communication templates and guides for conducting a job search
  • Mastering the job interview process
  • How companies evaluate their employees
  • How to distinguish yourself on the job
The Mentorship Track

The Role of a Mentor

The role of a mentor with GMI doesn’t require a significant time commitment and provides valuable guidance to youth around the world. Our mentors meet with their students via teleconference on a regular schedule for 14 one-hour sessions. Our mentors encourage open discussion with their mentees to help them get the most benefit from the program and share their own experiences with career exploration, job searching, and professional development.

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Benefits of becoming a mentor

Benefits to Becoming a Mentor

Knowing that you have made an invaluable difference in a youth’s future cannot be matched. Our mentors help build self-confidence, increase employment rates, and enhance professional and life skills that remain useful throughout the rest of the mentee’s life.

The GMI mentorship program is also a valuable cultural and educational experience for mentors to learn and grow professionally and personally. As a mentor, you expand your ability to train and lead others, increase your cultural competency through conversation with a student from a different culture, increase your ability to form professional relationships with international colleagues and companies, and overall feel a sense of accomplishment after completing the program.

How to Become a Mentor

The most important qualification to be a mentor is the desire to share what you have learned and give an opportunity to a young person who is just starting out.

GMI provides everything you need to guide your mentee. You don’t need to be an expert, just follow the Mentor Guide and add your own personal experience.

Mentor candidates will complete a brief online application, phone interview and pass a background check independently conducted through Sterling Volunteers.

Mentor candidates should be at least 25 years old, have a BA/BS in their chosen field and will complete a brief online training course to help them prepare for the program.

Mentors can be sponsored through a business, an industry association, or apply independently. 

How to become a mentor