Help Support GMI with your Company’s Matching Program

Corporate matching of your volunteer hours is a significant part of GMI’s funding to continue the mentorship program. If your company provides matching donations, please follow the instructions below to track them.

Any time that you devote to the GMI program will count towards these volunteer hours. This includes mentor training, prep time, communicating with your student, and actual session time.

Please consider all these hours when logging your time.

Mentors usually record at least 25 hours for every 12-session mentorship they complete.

GMI Students

Click on the logo or company name below to record your hours.

If you do not see your company listed, at this time your company does not have this program in place therefore you do not need to record your time.

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Don’t see your company? Check here to see if they will match your volunteer hours. If so, they will provide a link here.


Additional Support

Thank you for mentoring a student and making a difference! We are grateful for your time. If you would also like to support GMI financially, please see below. A donation of $250 will support one student for the full mentorship program and any contribution is greatly appreciated!

Additionally, your company may match your donation, doubling the impact to GMI! Please check below to see if your company will match your financial gift to GMI.

“The GMI mentorship made a huge difference in my life. I could literally see the impact and changes the program had on me.”
– Vithusan, Sri Lanka

“It’s one of my greatest life-changing experiences to have gone through this amazing mentorship.”
– Foday, Sierra Leone

“My GMI Mentor helped me find my self-confidence.”
– Kayla, United States

“The skills that I learned from the program helped me to effectively search for and land a job. I was offered the position almost immediately after the interview!”
– Jean, Rwanda

“GMI helped me learn about the art and science of networking.”
– Tamarcus, United States

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