The Global Education Movement (GEM), a Southern New Hampshire University initiative provides a high-quality education to refugee college students from around the world and is pleased to announce its collaboration with Global Mentorship Initiative.

Together, GEM and GMI are connecting displaced students with business professionals to support the refugee student as they begin to navigate their career journey. Through this partnership, students are given access to a mentorship program where they tap into the skills and knowledge of senior level professionals who volunteer to share their experience.

Nadia Asmal, Associate Director of Livelihoods & Advocacy at GEM said “We are very excited about this partnership. We see this as a great way for GEM students to receive additional support with the added benefit of allowing us to showcase our diverse and incredibly talented students to an international audience.”

Through each of the 14 one-hour sessions, students advance by creating a career plan with measurable goals and build a resume/CV and LinkedIn profile that has the right keywords to stand out. Students learn what hiring managers are listening for during interviews and master techniques to answer tough questions.

“Establishing a professional business network, creating a personal online brand, and learning communication strategies is critical for the job search.” said Jon Browning, CEO of Global Mentorship Initiative. “Together we are bringing mentorships and job search preparation to students living in refugee camps in Africa and the Middle East affected by crisis and forced displacement.”

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