Global Mentorship Initiative (GMI) is proud to announce a partnership with HireMee, an AI-enabled talent assessment and hiring platform, to bridge the gap between graduation and first career jobs for young graduates from communities across India. HireMee will initiate an outreach program targeting students in the last two years of their undergraduate studies, aged 20 to 25, offering them HireMee’s free employability assessment.

This collaboration aims to ensure that “no talent is unemployed or underemployed” by connecting rural youth with employers through HireMee’s AI-proctored assessment, which covers core domains and psychometry. The assessment scores are shared with potential employers, facilitating employment opportunities for job seekers and companies alike.

Venkatraman Umakanth, Senior Vice President and Head of HireMee, stated: “Our partnership with GMI will enable HireMee-assessed youth to be mentored by volunteers from top global brands, enhancing their employability quotient. This mentorship will be especially beneficial for talent from underserved communities, helping them hone their skills and thrive in their careers.”

Jon Browning, CEO of GMI, added: “Establishing a professional business network and learning communication strategies is critical for the job search. We are delighted to make the GMI Program available to the youth across India, further enhancing their employability.”

This partnership with HireMee underscores GMI’s commitment to building its partnership network in India and across the APAC region. We look forward to the positive impact this initiative will have on the employability of India’s youth.

To learn more about HireMee and their platform, please visit their website at An AI Powered Assessments & hiring platform | HireMee.

or check out HireMee on social media: Instagram | LinkedIn