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GMI’s Career Confidence Index – Measuring Student Success

GMI students acquire new skills and tools that help them land and keep their first professional job. This includes a professional network with 200 – 500 business contacts, a strong resume or CV, and coaching on how to be their best in a job interview. We help them use their new skills and professional network to set up at least five job interviews prior to graduation.

The GMI Career Confidence Index (CCI) tracks student progress and the results are amazing!

The CCI measures:

  • Proficiency in advanced job search skills
  • Development of a professional LinkedIn business network
  • Creation of an actionable resume/CV
  • Confident and competitive job interviewing skills
  • Scheduled and practiced interviews
  • Accelerated job placement
GMI Measuring Success with Career Confidence

37-point increase in student career confidence & skills after mentorship

71% of mentored students worldwide got a job within six months of graduating

80% of graduates with a job say the GMI program was important or very important in helping them get hired

GMI measures student skills and confidence before and after mentorship.  This includes post-mentorship follow-up at 6, 12, and 24 months.